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Washed Up Car-Go

29 Mar – 4 Jun 2017

The Deep

10:00am  2:00pm  12:00pm  

Price: Free

Hull 2017 is co-commissioning a number of Look Up artworks in partnership with The Deep. Each artwork will be very different, and will take place within different seasons of the Hull 2017 programme.  All have taken as their inspiration and starting point, the work, people and location of The Deep.

The first installation at The Deep will be by artist Chris Dobrowolski, who studied at Hull School of Art and Design. While there he spent most of his time building different vehicles in which to escape. He’s somehow come full circle and, for Hull 2017, he will be bringing the beach of the Humber to the car park of The Deep.

The work consists of three very ordinary cars placed in the car park of The Deep. Yet if you look closely, the interiors have been replaced with a high tideline of three beaches around Hull. Hidden among the sand are films that bring together these cars and plastic items, demonstrating the effects of plastic pollution. By association, Washed Up Car-go touches upon issues to do with pollution, consumerism and the tradition of maritime art.

Not all the cars parked there will belong to visitors to The Deep, and their contents may surprise you!

Washed Up Car-go is produced by Artsadmin and will be available to view from 10am daily.

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